Apparently, this has been switched to “How to NOT Make It In America” #smfh

#cancelled what do you think about it?

‎#NYC. “how about GOIN OUT and ACTUALLY havin a good time…”  #theCOVE
TONIGHT: (after the comedy show) Head ova to the COVE - *FREE* - 2-for-1 drinks & coo ppls BUGGIN OUT so getcha asses out | (details inside)

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#NYCLaughter is STILL the BEST medicine. 
TONIGHT: Come enjoy a night of comedy Thursday Nite at the YORK Performing Arts Center and Help in the fight against breast cancer. 

Bring a date, bring a friend, just bring it. This will be a really nice event if everyone could show up. And if you cannot come, share with others this event. We share ALOT of things on facebook, so SHARE COMEDY for a CAUSE. (details inside

#NYC (then hit the after party at the COVE)


silly shit


#JG Japanese Girlfriend tees comin soon. Can’t wait… #streetwear #fashion

Real #Detroit Hip Hop @ClearSoulForces #music New Video HIT THE YOU TUBE PG and “LIKE” it up!

eff-n cool…

the things I walk away from… bye bye puht-puht

the things I walk away from… bye bye puht-puht

in case you’re lookin for somethin to do

Str8 over the top. #REDBAND #DriveAngry

#Weekend FLICKS